Premature Ejaculation Symptoms & Causes(Avoid Myth)

In regular life, men faced much health issues and one of the major health problems is premature ejaculation. Because premature ejaculation symptoms & causes are a big puzzle for men, there is a lot of myth about it. But do you know premature ejaculation treatment is depended upon the flow of blood in the penis? Yes, many of us have information about PE but, is that enough? All the information which comes from the surrounding/people’s advice is not true.

  • Are you feeling the lack of interest during sexual intercourse?
  • Are you facing ejaculation within one minute of penetration?
  • Feeling stress and avoid sexual intimacy issues.

To get information about the causes of premature ejaculation is very important for a healthy sexual life. Sometimes we are excited a lot to do long duration intercourse and in that situation, we just want the happiness of releasing sperm. Meanwhile, we miss caring for the penis at the same time and creating big trouble for sexual health.

In this article, you can get accurate points related to Symptoms & causes of premature ejaculation.

PE is not a regional or continental problem, it can occur to any man at any age. According to the ratio, 23% of people have proper information about PE, 43% of people have confused information between myth and reality. If you have the right information about symptoms of premature ejaculation, you can protect your private part easily in the initial stage. Initial Stage treatment of PE can remove the related causes quickly.

Symptoms of Premature Ejaculation

premature ejaculation symptoms
Premature Ejaculation Symptoms

Symptoms are the upcoming symbol of related illness, which warns you to get the proper care. It is not difficult to understand the symptoms of premature ejaculation. You want to know How? Take a look below: 

  • A little control over sexual stimulation routinely can be considered in ejaculation.
  • Poor control over ejaculation decreases Sexual pleasure.
  • Feeling of guilt, embarrassment thoughts during intercourse.
  • The main symptoms of premature ejaculation in softness in the penis within one minute after penetration.
  • You can face problems sexual activity like masturbation, oral sex or toy sex also.

Lifelong Ejaculation: Ejaculation before life is all or almost all of the time starting with your first sexual encounters.

Acquired Ejaculation: Acquired premature ejaculation occurs after you have had previous sexual experience without prior sexual problems.

Secondary Symptoms are mention here on PE:

  • Anxiety,
  • Depression,
  • Decreased confidence in the relationship,
  • Embarrassment,
  • Interpersonal difficulty,
  • Mental distress,

Myths about PE symptoms:

  • Felling of pain in the penis.
  • Health issues like body pain, lower back pain, and blood thickness.
  • Fast heartbeat, high/low BP.
  • Quick ejaculation.
  • Increases the size of testes.

Causes of Premature Ejaculation

Causes Premature Ejaculation
Causes Premature Ejaculation

Many men think that they have signs of premature ejaculation, but symptoms do not meet clinical criteria for premature ejaculation. Instead, natural men can have premature ejaculation in these men, which include rapid ejaculation as well as a period of normal ejaculation.

  • Inexperience intercourse,
  • Issues with the body,
  • Relationship novelty,
  • Over-excitement or more stimulation,
  • Stress in a relationship,
  • Anxiety,
  • Feelings of guilt,
  • Depression,
  • Control and intimacy issues,

Psychological Causes of PE

Anxiety: Men who are restless about getting or receiving an erection during sex, they can become an example of being discharged in a hurry.

Erectile dysfunction: Similarly, many men with untimely discharge have problems with nervousness – either explicitly about sexual performance or various issues.

Relationship problems: On this occasion that you have completed sex with various colleagues, in which somehow untimely discharge has rarely happened, it is anticipated that the relationship between you and your current partner can add to this issue.

Biological causes of PE

  • Disbalance hormone level,
  • Neurotransmitters chemical flow ratio increases,
  • The reflex activity of the ejaculatory system,
  • Thyroid problems,
  • Infection in prostate or urethra,
  • Damaged nerve,

Some times it may occur due to disease like:

  • Diabetes,
  • Sclerosis (multiple),
  • Prostate diseases,
  • Thyroid problem,
  • Illicit drug,
  • Excessive alcohol uses,

Myths about PE Causes:

  • PE doesn’t occur in young and healthy people(only occur after the age of 50+ yr.
  • Not possible to reduce the risk factor.
  • Blood thickness decreases.
  • Cigarette increases stamina.
  • The side effect of medicine causes Premature ejaculation.

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